South African Jesuits calling on President Zuma to resign

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South African President Jacob Zuma has survived an impeachment vote in Parliament launched after the Constitutional Court ruled he had ignored an order to repay state funds spent on his private home.

Zuma’s governing African National Congress (ANC) defeated the motion Tuesday afternoon, saying the President was not guilty of “serious misconduct”.

But the fall-out from the crisis has engendered political and financial uncertainty in the nation struggling with unemployment, inequality and a plummeting currency.

The South African Jesuit Institute, like many other voices in the country, is calling for President Zuma to take the only moral option he now has: resign.

The director of Jesuit Institute in Johannesburg, Fr Russell Pollitt, told Linda Bordoni that the ANC seems to have betrayed its history and the legacy of having given birth to a democratic South Africa.

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