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South African Pastor Who Makes His Members Eat Grass in the “Holy Spirit”

South African Pastor Who Makes His Members Eat Grass in the “Holy Spirit”
Lesego Daniel

Yesterday, almost every news site carried the story of a South African pastor, Lesego Danielwho made his members to eat grass.

Lesego is the general overseer of  Rabboni Centre Ministries; a South African church at  Zone 2, Garankuwa TUT campus, Pretoria. The photos of his members eating grass were allegedly posted on the church’s Facebook group page. This Facebook  page happens to be a closed group. The group is only accessible to its members as efforts to check the page were futile.  These photos were allegedly leaked online by a whistle blower.

A first look at these members eating grass is really upsetting and one may ask why and what relevance it has with God’s word.  According to a source who claims to be privy to the activities of Lesego’s ministry, the pastor does this while trying to prove a point that humans can be controlled by the spirit of God and can survive on whatever they choose to eat…including GRASS.

As they eat, they are kicked and stepped upon and are said to be dead to touch during the ordeal. Why would anyone permit themselves to be so used? Perhaps his gullible followers believe Lesego is some kind of powerful prophet. The story is told of his birth and like the birth of many great prophets in the bible, Lesego’s birth has been sugar-coated to make his members believe he is special.

Apparently the grass turns to bread in the stomach

It is said that  Lesego’s Mother, Mme Mosuoe had a visitation on Tuesday at 6am  in the month of May 1972. A voice came to her ears and said:

“You will be blessed with a baby boy by Wednesday.”

According to Mme Mosuoe, the voice was not that of a man. Mme Mosuoe’s father-in-law…Lesego’s grandfather… who was very sick at the time, had told her some days before that he would not pass on until the child was born. The birth of Pastor Lesego happened exactly as foretold and he was given the name “Lesego” which means “a blessing”.

SA-PASTOR-MEMBERS-EATING-GRASS-2 SA-PASTOR-MEMBERS-EATING-GRASS-7Soon after the father-in-law heard the good news of Lesego’s birth, he gave him another name – Daniel (the name Daniel, however is not used because his elder brother had already been named Daniel). The father-in- law passed on shortly after the birth of his grandson, whom we know today as ‘Pastor Lesego.’

So what gives this ‘grass pastor’ the power to control the minds of so many? According to the  African Spotlight, Pastor Lesego said:

“There were many disciples and you don’t know others. Let God show you as they were deliberately not revealed in the Bible because God wanted someone to do them, new things.  Nathanael was a disciple yet there is no book of Nathanael, what about the miracles, signs and wonders, what about how they[ them] who were not mentioned, taught?…ome and eat so that your eyes may see.

Remember I said when the kingdom comes you will be able to see, hear and understand. They could not welcome or take Him to heart because they could not see. When the Holy Spirit comes you will be able to see. Don’t worry when people criticize you because they cannot see the spirit of truth, they could not welcome or understand. We can cause the people to see, if we live on another – the world will know because they will be able to see the body – we are the body of Christ.”

This is so pathetic. Does Lesego mean that a Christian must eat grass to be filled with the Holy Spirit? I wish people would stop being so gullible. Most of these funny-sounding ‘men of God’ are FAKE. Infact, their fakeness stinks from miles away. Any form of Christianity that operates as a cult is FAKE.

Christianity is about redemption and LIBERTY from sin and bondage of evil. Jesus said he specifically came to “set the captives free.” Where the Spirit of God is, there is liberty. But it certainly isn’t the liberty to eat grass but the liberty to do exploits to rule and dominate…not to act as a beast of the field…the very same beast God gave us authority to dominate over. (Genesis 1: 28)

And while you munch grass all day, this is how he rolls home

If you ask any survivor of the Biafran war, they’ll tell you that they survived on anything edible as soon as starvation was used as a weapon of war to attack them. The Biafrans ate raw plants, roots and herbs in the jungle just to survive. So why would the Holy Spirit want to prove something that had already been proven since 1967…even before Lesego dreamt of being born to planet earth?

In Nigeria, when we call someone a ‘goat’, it means that person is stupid. Now goats eat mainly grass. Does that tell you anything? The South African government must stop this grass pastor in the name of all things good.