What is so special about the Sabbath anyway?

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There was once a time when i was more of a pagan than a Muslim that I would see a bunch of people going to Church on Saturday claiming it is God’s Sabbath. Then and as today so many questions lingered in my mind. What is so special about Saturday? Is it not a day just like another? And these few people, can they be right and the worlds more than a billion Christians wrong?

It was not until you get to read and start looking at this whole worship thing in a broader perspective and especially looking at the prophecies of both Daniel and John in Revelation that you realize the importance of ‘a day’ in worship.

Sabbath worship is very important to God because it is a Law that speaks about allegiance and loyalty. In fact, it is the ONLY law that speaks about allegiance. No where in the bible does God forbid us to worship in ANY day but again, right in the middle of the 10 commandments, God COMMANDS us to honor ONE day in particular above all other days as a sign of our allegiance and loyalty to Him.

This means we can worship God any other day of the week. Christ actually lived a life of prayer. Thursday night before His crucifixion we see Christ going with 3 disciples in the mountain to pray. This means prayer and worship is not limited to one day, but there is something about this ONE DAY.

His creation took 6 literal days and the 7th day, God did something that set that day apart from other days. It is the day God BLESSED, SANCTIFIED (made Holy), RESTED and commanded others to REST. In the ten commandments (Exodus 20:4) He explains why. It is because HE created the world, we are to REST on this ONE day by letting go of our normal duties and routine and spend this day in Honor of His creation and Salvation.

Saturday is therefore important for worship since it was set apart by the very creator. In simple terms we are to praise God, worship and pray every single moment of our day but Saturday has been set apart as a sign of allegiance.

God has said the Sabbath is to be a sign between He and ‘His people’ and John in Revelation says He saw in Heaven the saints, ‘those who keep the commandments of God and the testimony of Christ’.

Will God ‘victimize’ you for not worshiping on Sabbath? Unfortunately the answer is YES. When it comes to God, there is always the right and the wrong, no middle ground nor compromise. And what people fail to understand is how dear God holds the Sabbath commandment. It is the only commandment that God has reiterated time without number. It is the ONLY commandment that starts with the word REMEMBER. It is the only commandment that gives ‘reasons’ why we should honor it. It is the only commandment that will be carried to the New Heaven and Earth. In the new Heaven and Earth, their shall be no thieves nor murderers nor a neighbors wife to covet etc-but the saints shall keep worshiping on SABBATH! It was the FIRST commandment given to Adam and Eve (even before we knew of Jew or Egyptian, Jaluo or Kikuyu).

You can see how important the Sabbath is right? Now the Devil too knew how important it is and decided to strike it. He decided to come with a diversion for the people of God by creating another day of worship called Sunday. Then he gives people reason to worship on this fake day like “because Jesus resurrected, or even the apostles worshiped on it’.

Well yes Jesus raised from the dead on Sunday because HE RESTED on Sabbath in the grave! And there is no apostle who asked people to rest on Sunday. the Apostles may have met on Sunday but it was because they had stayed late on Sabbath teaching! There is no proof that early Christians honored Sunday as the Sabbath and you cannot find that!

Sunday was a day started by the Catholic Church and it is a day that honors the pagan sun worship.

So the next time you say, we can worship on any day including Sunday. I will tell you allegiance. By resting on God’s Sabbath, you are acknowledging God as the creator and keeping His commandments. You are showing your allegiance to God.

By resting or worshiping on Sunday as your sabbath, you are showing allegiance to the man who set Sunday apart as a day of worship (the pope) through the powers given him (by the devil and the pagan practice of Pagan worship). Maybe you should ask yourself where your allegiance is.

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