Starving Mob Beats Cattle to Death With Rocks, Four People Killed During Looting as Venezuela’s Economic Collapse Continues

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A shocking video showing a starving Venezuelan mob beating a cow to death with stones has gone viral amid violent protests that have left four people dead.

Dozens of men shout “we are hungry” and “people are suffering” as they surround the cow in the field, throwing stones at it and beating it with a stick.

The helpless animal was slaughtered at the Hacienda Miraflores, in the fishing village of Palmarito in Merida, during a day deadly of civil unrest and looting in the state.

When the animal finally falls to the ground in the footage, more villagers gather around—presumably to begin the distribution of its meat.

Opposition congressman Carlos Paparoni posted the footage on social media to show the desperation that many Venezuelans are experiencing in the face of scarcity and controversial policies introduced by President Nicolas Maduro.

‘This is not the way. These actions will destroy our national production more quickly and bring more hunger and scarcity,’ said Paparoni.

He said about 300 animals were believed to have been killed in the area.

Calm soon returned to the troubled areas, which were rocked by the scenes of looting in recent days, but not before four people died and 10 injured. Full report

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