Stay connected to Christ

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happysabbath-1Have you ever walked in a flower farm and seen how beautiful they look? the shiny colors. ..the rich feeling of freshness. .their healthy upright stance welcoming the rays of the sun and the challenges of the day

Then the farmers cut them…freight them to different locations on sale…beautiful vases are bought in magnificent offices. .presidents..CEO..romantic couples…everyone grabs some roses and places them I a vase with healthy waters

But you realize no matter how much you pay for it. matter how big the person is…no matter how loving the couples are…as long as the flower is detached from the plant…its a matter of hours before it dies.

So are our lives connected to Christ. We will flourish in love…we will have the strength to fight challenges. we will look so beautiful to the world. We will be admired loved and wanted by the world. But the moment you break your connection to Christ its a matter of time before you die. And soon you will be like the world.

No one will see your beauty. No one will admire your strength. No one will want you. your strength is gone. your beauty withered. …and no matter how rich..beautiful. ..special you may think you are…as long as your connection to Christ ia broken all that will be nothing.

Every single moment 24/7 we need to be connected to Christ. that’s our source of strength. and love.

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