Suicide bomber believed he would dine with Mohammed after killing dozens

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A ghastly day of terror attacks on three continents began with a suicide bombing of a mosque in Kuwait. The attacker entered the Imam Sadiq mosque, one of the oldest Shiite mosques in Kuwait City, and detonated the explosives strapped to his body, killing at least 25 people and wounding hundreds.

The Islamic State, an extremist Sunni organization that views Shiites as apostate enemies, claimed responsibility for the attack, one of a spate of recent bombings of Shiite sites in the region. Footage of the suspected attacker approaching the mosque appeared on social media.

Other image-captures showed the attacker approaching the inner chamber of the mosque, where hundreds were gathered for Friday prayers.

According to accounts, he stood at the threshold of the room, and apparently shouted “God is great!” over the prayer service, as well as a declaration that that he would dine with the Prophet Muhammad in the evening.

The ideology tells that Muslims too are deluded that in death a person can go directly to heaven (in which context this suicide bomber believed that killing infidels is a direct ticket to Mohammed).

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