Remnant Church

A look at the remnant Church of God and The Bible. What the bible teaches on key doctrinal issues like Sabbath, baptism, end times and evangelism.

  • The fourth commandment-The Sabbath

    God’s ways are higher than our ways: and the things that happens in the way of the Lord are astonishing… And that is why when...

  • Seize the Day: Keeping the Sabbath Holy

    By Pastor Doug Batchelor An Amazing Fact: During the Paris Olympics in 1924, Scotsman Eric Liddell, a celebrated sprinter, was expected to win gold in the...

  • The Bible, Sin and the Law

    Why does the world then say there is no law… and there is no Sabbath? The bible says…..if there is no law….then there is no...

  • We Will Be True To Thee Till Death

    WE WILL BE TRUE TO THEE TILL DEATH 1. Faith of our fathers! living still In spite of dungeon, fire. and sword, O how our...

  • Do our spirits dwell in our bodies?

    Though this question may seem a bit odd, there are those who say our spirits have no spatial limitations, are separate from our bodies, and...

  • Will there be a Secret Rapture?

    In stark contrast to this section of articles is the doctrine of the secret rapture. This doctrine is adispensational view, proposing that the people of...

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