• The Sabbath And Cooking

    While cooking upon the Sabbath should be avoided, it is not necessary to eat cold food. In cold weather let the food prepared the day...

  • The Sabbath and Travel – Ellen White

    If we desire the blessing promised to the obedient, we must observe the Sabbath more strictly. I fear that we often travel on this day...

  • Guiding Your Family In Keeping The Sabbath

    I counsel you, my Sabbath-keeping brethren and sisters, to “Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.” You must change greatly. Many of your habits...

  • Our Diet On The Sabbath

    To eat on the Sabbath the same amount of food eaten on a working day, is entirely out of place. The Sabbath is the day...

  • Welcoming The Sabbath

    Before the setting of the sun let the members of the family assemble to read God’s word, to sing and pray. There is need of...

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