Taliban kill 85-year-old woman after accusing her of ‘supporting the government’ in Afghanistan

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An 85-year-old woman has reportedly been brutally murdered by Taliban militants in Afghanistan as punishment for supporting the country’s government.

The elderly woman was kidnapped by militants in Garamsir, Helmand province, local government officials said.

The Taliban reportedly accused her of working with the government, and cut her limbs off as punishment before killing her.

It is thought that the Taliban held a kangaroo court after suspecting that the 85-year-old had helped the government in some way.

She was ‘charged with cooperating with the government and security institutions in Helmand’, Khaama Press reports.

A provincial governor’s spokesman named Omar Zwak confirmed that the murder had taken place as described, the website writes.

Helman is one of the most volatile areas of Afghanistan, and just last month  an ‘erroneous’ airstrike by Afghan forces killed ten security forces in the province as the country’s military tried to oust Taliban fighters from a stronghold. Daily Mail


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