Tanzanian Bishop Charles Gadi publishes notice in Newspaper to pronounce Curses

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A Tanzanian Bishop has made news for allegedly taking a whole portion of a National Newspaper to pronounce curses on a group of people whom he alleges to have stolen his property.

The notice to one Dorsal Group and copied to the chairman of the group claims they have opened a plant in his premises.

He pens up by stating that their act has made him their God  and for that evil  he will not need God to avenge quoting Joshua 6:26

He further gives the group 72 hours to close the plant and vacate the premises otherwise a string of curses will befall them including

  • External expatriates to go back to their Nations insane
  • Other workers will be hopeless in everything they do
  • After 72hours, the plant will DISAPPEAR

Check out the ad.


We can only but wait for the 72 hours!

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