Ted Wilson Issues Statement : No Sunday Laws Yet But We Know They Are Coming

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The Seventh Day Adventist President issued a statement that was posted on Youtube on what he termed ‘rumors that‘ have been circulating on the internet for quite a while about ‘The Pope Contacting the US President and thereafter the Adventist president’ to put in place Sunday laws.

Speaking from Sabah, Malaysia, Ted refuted that there were any deals in place between the General Conference and Sunday laws.

“The question has surfaced from time to time as to whether or not there is some connection between the general conference and its involvement with Sunday laws and that kind of thing, also strange rumors that have been floating around in the internet for a number of years actually that the Pope has contacted the United States president who has contacted the General Conference president about national Sunday laws” He said.

“All of this I want to tell you that this is absolutely incorrect totally false somebody somewhere imagines certain things and puts it on the internet and then people believe what they read.”

“I want to encourage all of you to go back to the Word of God go back to the spirit of prophecy read the beautiful chapters in the great controversy understand that yes National Sunday laws will come persecution will come but nothing of that sort is in the pipeline at the present time nothing that we have understood the seventh-day Adventist Church is a strong proponent of religious liberty and freedom of conscience we believe in religious
liberty for all people one of these days though that Liberty will be taken away from us but until that time let’s use the time to spread the good news don’t spread rumors don’t spread in accurate information spread the truth the Holy Spirit will help you to do that god.”

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