Teenager who left school a boy returns from the summer holidays as a girl, Inspired by Kim Kardashian

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Being a male or female seems to be marketed as a switch. Something you can grow, look around and realize you probably will live a better ‘cooler’ life as the other sex.

Until recently, he was known as Tyler – the name he’d been born with – to his classmates, having spent most of his life as.

But in September this year he returned to school as Kairah – and says some teachers didn’t even recognise him with his new look.

Speaking of life before transformation, he says ‘I felt really strange and different. I’d look in the mirror and the person I saw was a stranger.

At 11, Tyler came out as bisexual – before coming out as gay to family and friends two years later.

Tyler’s mother allowed him to wear make-up outside of school – but the teenager still felt it wasn’t enough.

In September 2015, Tyler published a post on Facebook announcing that he was transgender and would be changing his name to Kairah.

Now, living as a girl, he has been referred for gender identity treatment and hopes to start taking hormone blockers soon – although he believes his physical appearance may not change until he is 17 or 18.

He has swapped jumpers and tracksuits for skinny jeans, skimpy dresses and colourful tops.

After adding extensions to his hair and a full face of make-up, he loves dressing like the reality star, whose ‘KK’ initials match his own.

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