Teens Charged With Attempted Murder for Shooting Girl in Head Over ‘Annoying’ Snapchat Messages

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Two 16-year-old boys who plotted to shoot a 14-year-old girl in the head because her Snapchat messages were “annoying” will be tried as adults, a judge ruled.

First District Juvenile Court Judge Angela Fonnesbeck announced her decisions on Monday and Wednesday regarding defendants Colter Peterson and his accomplice Jayzen Decker.

“He planned and he acted. He pulled the trigger. He took deliberate and specific action intending to take the life of another human being,” she said of Peterson.

According to reports, after being arrested, Peterson told police that he became annoyed that Deserae Turner, 14, kept texting him and sending him messages via the app Snapchat. Peterson told Decker about the matter, who allegedly advised that it would “be pretty easy to get rid of her.”

The two then plotted to lure Turner to a canal under the guise of selling her a pocket knife, where they initially planned to slit her throat.

The teens changed their mind about the method of attack and ultimately decided to shoot Turner in the head. Peterson is accused of pulling the trigger and Decker is facing charges for egging Peterson on to shoot the girl.

Both boys are also accused of breaking Turner’s cellphone and iPod, and stealing $55 from her backpack while leaving her for dead. Full Report

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