Terrified woman sobs after she gets locked in a cemetery while hunting for Pokémon

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A woman was locked in a graveyard after it closed while she was hunting for Pokémon.

Taking the world by storm, Pokémon Go uses GPS and requires players to go outside to find and catch all 151 characters.

But this woman found herself trapped when the gated graveyard in Gainesville, Georgia, was locked for the night.

‘So, I get to the graveyard to catch some Pokémon, and the gate was open, cause I got in here,’ she says to the camera.

‘And the gate is [graphic] closed and I’m trapped in the [graphic] graveyard and I have tears coming down my eyes cause I’m freaking out.

‘I called 911 to come open the [graphic] gate, this is not cool,’ she adds, as she starts to sob.

‘I’m trapped in the [graphic] graveyard, who the [graphic] gets trapped in the graveyard,’ she wails.

She then goes off point somewhat, saying that she ‘hit a bunny rabbit in the graveyard,’ before claiming she had been locked in for 20 minutes.

Pokémon Go was a successful attempt by Nintendo to relaunch the franchise, which was started as a series of games in 1995.

The app uses Google Maps and allows players to hunt down the types of Pokémon on real streets.

Users have also been warned that the using the app grants it all permissions to access your phone, emails, logged in accounts and a lot of information one would typically want to keep private.

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