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Testimony of a sister committed to the Lord

Testimony of a sister committed to the Lord

It is the testimony of a sister who was very committed to the Lord in the musical group; her parents were very much respected in the church and she was a girl who walked in the fear of God never knew a man.

One evening there was a mini vigil of the musical group in the church, the evening ended around 2:00 am, so the sister in the group of other members walked home. A few meters away from her home, she was attacked by bandits and in the event got raped by one of them and this guy even had the guts to take her bible from her. The sister was distressed, discouraged. She loved God so much and wondered why God would allow the rape whilst returning from a church program after going to serve him. (God) why? Why? Do i deserve all this?

“Lord I’ve always said I will forever remain a virgin until I get married”…. she was very disappointed with life. Didn’t tell anyone about the incident not even her parents; she preferred to keep it a secret because she was so ashamed of herself. She suffered in her heart.

A few months later she started having nausea she started vomiting. Various examinations at the hospital showed she was pregnant and as a committed Christian sister abortion was not an option. She was very depressed she wept bitterly, so she decided to confide in a mother’s friend in the church. The woman said to her “if you really are a rape victim why have you kept this secret all these while …..? No I do not believe you; I am going to tell the pastor and your parents so that you would be disciplined because you’ve fallen with a brother in the church”. Mady came under serious condemnation from almost everyone and all she could do or say was; “OH MY GOD, WHY?”

Mady became a laughing stock and placed under discipline. She was made to stop singing in church, sat behind the congregation and was shelved, her parents could not endure the humiliation and rumours of their daughters behavior. However, a sister in part the church had mercy on poor Mady and took her in her house to give her some comfort.
Mady did not abandon the church and got more close to God. She remained strong in prayer and pleaded her cause before God.

Nine months have passed and she gave birth to a boy, some mothers of the church helped her and made her a little outfit as she continued to attend church with her son.

Three years later there was an evangelistic crusade in the municipality where Mady lived.
There were several speakers; among them was this preacher who began to give evidence of how he has become a minister of God.

He started by saying; I, standing before you was once a bandit who has mastered in violating girls. “The Bible I hold in my hand now is even from one of my victims.

One night I raped a girl and took her Bible, when I got home I opened it and I came across the verses underlined that touched me so much and that’s how I gave my life to Jesus, I started from the church and there I discovered God’s call was on my life and here I am today,… an evangelist.”

People were touched by this testimony and Mady recognized her rapist. She began running to the podium but was prevented by the ushers to get close to the man of God. The evangelist asked that she must be allowed to come to the podium. The sister went to the podium with his three year old son and said to the man of God; please give me your bible, (she recognized her bible) she added: “my son here is the fruit of your rape”.

Evangelist threw himself down and began to cry and he publicly apologized to the sister. The other speakers came to the podium and prayed for the troubled man of God and his victim.
In short, they are married and today and travel all over the world to give their testimony.

God has taken away the garment of shame of this sister; He honored and made her forget all her troubles. Everything God does is good there are things he can do in our lives to manifest His glory, to get closer to him. We already know the story of Lazarus.

In the book of John 11:1-44, verse 4 it says “when Jesus heard this news he said: “THIS SICKNESS IS NOT UNTO DEATH, BUT FOR THE GLORY OF GOD, THAT THE SON OF GOD MAY BE GLORIFIED THROUGH IT.”That is to say that we must discern and understand what God wants from the trials and difficult situations that we face. God’s ways are not our ways, our God is just he does not abandon his children.
His word in Isaiah 43:2 the following;

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;
And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you.
When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned,
Nor shall the flame scorch you.

This reassures us that our God is with us, my brother my sister, do not limit God in your thoughts, do not think you saw a situation that can have no solution, only Jesus can give you back the hope, the joy of living … just as He did for this sister who was despised, abandoned, rejected by everyone but our God has changed her mourning into joy, her, weeping into singing, yesterday it was a shame but today it has become a reference. God can make you forget your problems in one day just believe and you will see his glory.

You may have lost everything, that is to say, lose your honor, your dignity, your stability, your job, your social status, something precious, a loved one … but never lose your faith in God because if you lose you have lost everything, it is the language that the devil does not understand.