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The 13 worst things that have ever happened on Friday the 13th

The 13 worst things that have ever happened on Friday the 13th
  1. While touring an exhibition of Faberge eggs at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art on Friday 13 December 1995, Joshua Dudley received a phone call telling him he had inherited a $3m estate from a deceased uncle. His celebratory dance resulted in $4m in damages.
  2. Walking home from work at a Starbucks in Connecticut on Friday 13 September 2011, Jennifer DeCarlo ducked into an alleyway to avoid the black cat that had darted across her path only to find herself face-to-face with the rabid dog the cat was fleeing.
  3. On Friday 13 May 1980, a dangerous psychopath stalking a group of teenagers through an abandoned summer camp dramatically burst in on two young lovers only to realize too late that he’d left the house that morning wearing mismatched shoes.
  4. In order to buy her husband a gold chain for his beloved pocket watch, Dana Hamilton of Rye, New York sold her luxurious hair to a local wigmaker. That evening, Friday 13 October 1972, she returned home to discover that her husband had sold his watch to buy a pearl necklace for his secretary, with whom he was having an affair.
  5. Tawny Wetzel, a researcher investigating the correlation between Friday the 13th and emergency room visits, was attacked and killed by hornets on Friday 13 January 1977.
  6. On Friday 13 March 2014, bank robber Brendan O’Malley was caught by police after his getaway car sprung four simultaneous flat tires.
  7. Pennsylvania resident Sean Adams found out he’d received his dream job at the Hershey factory in Pennsylvania on Friday 13 April 2013 within moments of falling down an abandoned well, where his body was found several weeks later.
  8. While vacationing in the Cayman Islands on Friday 13 April 1988, a woman named Holly Poulin stumbled across a buried chest filled with pirate pornography.
  9. Racing to knock on a nearby wooden post on Friday 13 November 1912 in order to counteract having mentioned that it had been years since he’d had the flu, superstitious Chicagoan Joel Kabot stepped on a crack and broke his mother’s back.
  10. In Texas, death row inmate Justin Bartlett was granted a reprieve on Wednesday 11 January 1992 just before he was due to be executed, but then he passed away two days later due to food poisoning incurred during his last meal.
  11. While preparing a lecture on fatalism and external locus of control for his students on Friday 13 February 1993, psychology professor Claiborn Phillips was struck by lightning a record 13 times in row.
  12. En route to a hotly anticipated first date on Friday 13 October 2011, Tanner Braaten of Camden, Delaware, slipped on an ice patch and split the seat of his pants. Determined not to be late, Braaten ran into a nearby shopping mall to buy a replacement pair without paying heed to numerous signs warning that the mall was due for demolition that afternoon. After miraculously escaping the mall moments before controlled demolition charges leveled it, Braaten made it to the date on time. The story of how he split his pants and his brush with death charmed his date, who found herself smitten with him, leading her to send him an annoying and frankly stifling number of text messages and invitations to hang out over the next two weeks.
  13. Due to an ill-timed sneeze on Friday 13 November 2015, a film editor in Los Angeles, California accidentally permanently deleted the middle third of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.