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The Bible has always been the enemy, even today

The Bible has always been the enemy, even today

What is the bible?

The literal definition stands as “the Christian scriptures, consisting of the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments.” Another definition is “a copy of the Christian or Jewish scriptures.”

Basically that is what we have reduced the word of God to. An assortment of pages in a certain specific order. Taking it as such, the Bible is nothing but another book.

But that is not even the scarier part.

The scarier part is that people’s laxity to read and internalize the Holy Scriptures was first taken to use by the Vatican. By making it hard for people to access their bibles and yet make it mandatory for the same people to be in Church every week opened a great loophole for the Devil to manipulate.

At a time when owning the bible was probably for the well off, poor people relied on the interpretation of teachers of the Bible. In Acts, we see the disciples staying awake the whole night teaching the people about Christ.

More than 1500 yrs later, it seems the winning side is still on them.

Just as then, today Christians are being taught to love everyone else as we are all “brothers and sisters”, and that we all “worship the same God“. A Christian opposing gay marriages on the grounds of their faith are called homophobic and the ‘true’ Christians are those that should sit, dine and pray with homosexuals as they would with their fellow Christians.

The upside of this, and the downside of true Christianity is that, since many people still do not read their bibles, this message of ‘peace’ seems appealing, seems like a message coming from God.

It therefore creates another scary loophole. The real Bible scholars, the real Christians who keep the bible as their only rule of faith will find themselves in a coalition course with the Vatican.

For instance, I was born a Muslim. I have step brothers and sisters who are Muslims. But spiritually, we are NOT brothers and sisters as the very foundation of our faiths are an exact opposite. We do not worship the same God. Yes, someone born Syria, a Christian born in Syria will find it easy to call God, Allah, but to a Muslim and a Christian, in a spiritual context, Allah is just another pagan God.

And so, to be able to create this temporal peace between the Muslim community and the Christian community, the Vatican has shredded the very tenets of Christianity to accommodate paganism.

“I am the Lord your God, thou shalt not have any other gods besides me”….but the Pope deletes that and says, Allah, Buddha, God….all are just names of the same entity and the prayers go to the same entity. See the error yet?

Just as Christ prophesied, you will be hated of all Nations for my names sake. Because, as long as you truly hold on to the Bible, you will not compromise the standards of God to please the world.

The lie they sell is that, the Pope is today a messenger of peace. How about Muslims and christians living together? No more suicide attacks. No more beheading. A world where a Muslim and a christian can be anything they want to be. A world where a gay person’s life is not limited by restrictions in a 2000yr old book.

But truth? If the world truly accepted the words of the Bible, we won’t have these issues. So, while the Pope promises temporal cease fire on occasion of a partnership of all pagan religions, Christ promises an eternal paradise here on earth. No death, no tears, no pain….and to top it all up? Christ will live physical with his people.

Ask yourself, are you in agreement with the world? What have you compromised? Is your christianity today loved or hated by the world. When you post a verse on social media, are you hated or loved for it?

At the end of the day, there will be two crowds of people. Those who held onto the Bible and the Bible only as the rule of their faith and everyone else on the other side. Is your Bible an enemy of the world or a friend of the world?