The Defacing of Greatness

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“And the Lord God said, “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.” So the Lord God banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken. (Genesis 3:22, 23 NIV)

I. Created for Greatness
-Image and likeness of God
-DNA of God.
-created to rule and not be ruled
-created to master and not be mastered by anything
-created for intimacy with God!
-But the plan for greatness-the sentences of the poem were erased, the image was defaced, the DNA code was tampered with!
-According to the poem:
– we were to be in synch with the poet
-our lives were to be in conformity with His will
-our spirit was to the dwelling of His Spirit
-our hearts were to beat in tandem with His heart
-our lives were to be an extension of His will
-our mouths were to sing a continuous harmonious symphony of His glory
-our souls were to get their deepest fulfillment in an unending intimacy with Him
-our lives were to be an extension of His greatness
-we were destined to live forever.
-in Brief, according to the poem, we were destined for greatness
-Greatness: Manage the world on behalf of God
-we were to be rulers, kings, stewards and in charge of the earth and ourselves
-we were to rule earth!

II. Enter the Devil
– Introduction of falsehood
– Man becomes alienated from God: intimacy with God broken
-Man is fractured within himself: he is no longer in control of himself-his passions and feelings are perverted and they control and they master him.
-mans horizontal relationship is broken an he becomes egocentric and self-centred. Self presentation kicks in
-Nature rebels and was no longer subject to man!
-Satan wrestled the control of planet earth and becomes the ruler of the world. Earth became his stronghold.
-God’s plan for man’s greatness seems to have been thwarted!
-Man found himself a vagabond-an alien outside his home-locked out of his own hows- hopelessly lost

III. Protocol-Evangelion
– we still see the goodness of God even in this tragic events: Where sin abides, grace abides even more!
-Expound on Genesis 3:15: God comes looking for man.
-In essence, even if the enemy has tried to deface your greatness, I have come to restore it.
-John 3:16 is a declaration of God’s intent- I will restore your greatness because you are destined for greatness!


-Do not stay where the devil and the circumstances have put you. Do not be contented to live outside the garden looking in wishfully and with great nostalgia.
-Do not settle for living in the pigsty eating dirty remains and scavenging through the dustbins of life and of the garbage of the world.
-Make a decision today that like to prodigal son, you will stand up and go back to our Father and say “Father, I an tired of squatting like an IDP outside the garden where there is darkness and death. I am tired of wallowing in my sins and a life of mediocrity. I have come now come with my whole heart that you may restore my greatness! I am embracing your destiny for me, the destiny of Greatness.

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