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The Devil in Pastors

The Devil in Pastors

the devil in pastorsThe fight with the devil seems to get more personal by the day. And it intrigues me the avenues that he seeks to dissuade people from Christ. Can a blind man lead another blind man?

That seems to be the trick the devil would use. Clothing wolves in sheep’s clothing, and sending them off as Jesus did to His disciples…only this time they are not to teach and baptize, it’s to lie and deceive.

I have written before and will keep on writing on the scandals that surround the white collar men who expect the world to revere them as of send by God. Please get me wrong, by virtue of this article am not trying to discredit any pastor/priest but to speak out on a delicate issue…that how can we prove the said pastor or priest really is of God.

In a bad twist of irony, where the shepherd becomes the predator, an 8 year old girl was persistently raped by a Pastor in Dagorretti Nairobi. Watching her tale from KTN television leaves one with tears.

According to the girl, the Pastor who owns a rehabilitation home will call her from class to his office where he took away her innocence.

‘akanambia nitoe suruali halafu nilale kwa kitanda halafu yeye akatoa yake halafu akanilalia’ (he told me to undress and sleep on the bed and he too undressed and climbed on me) says the teary girl.

Doctors claim she is badly damaged and does not have control of her bowels.

Friends its despicable that someone will rape a lady..but this is not a lady, it is an innocent young girl with all her life before her..one who may grow up hating men and relationships because of the stupid cowardly act of one man. And that the said man purports to be a pastor, one entrusted with the spiritual care of others and leading them to Christ makes me sick!

Many ladies are out there suffering at the hands of such fake pastors and it is time we all speak out and say SHAME TO THE DEVIL.

That girl may spend years of psychological care to be able to handle normal life.

Another scandal in the offing is of a pastor who impregananted a lady and the case is under wraps if you read a Zuqka. Kenya is also not too naïve nor forgetful about the scandal involving a pastor who apparently paid for sex with a prostitute, and made a further payment for her to pretend he had worked a miracle on her deformed mouth.

The Catholic Church is full of pedophiles and adulterers in the name of priests, such cases of which she is still trying to solve world over. In Kenya sometime back a local newspaper ran stories of such priests who confessed to raising families out there.


The devil is working closer home than you would think. That the very person you entrust for spiritual guidance could be the same person dining and wining with the devil. That pastors procure fake miracles is no news. That some even use demonic powers to really make miracles is no news. All this was prophesied in the bible. All this has been proved. But that people still believe them, run to them, blindly fall for their lies is what is unbelievable.

Fight for your won salvation with fear and trembling is the advice of Paul. Not that you should not trust your pastor, but trust your bible more.

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