The Drink that satisfies

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There once was a very rich man who decided on a whim one day that he was going to find the most satisfying drink that the world has to offer. Being a man of considerable resources, the rich man traveled far and wide in his search.  The rich man first tried all the drinks that his country had to offer: juices, teas, coffees, wines.  He tried water that came from mountain springs.  He sampled wines from the finest vineyards.  He even tried exotic concotions made by bartenders at the most elite clubs that only cater to the wealthy and the powerful.  However, while all these drinks were good, they did not give the rich man the satisfaction that he craved.

     The rich man then traveled to other countries to search for the drink that he desired.  He drank nectar from a plant that only grew in the remote regions of China.  He travelled to Africa to taste a juice crushed out from rare fruits that are only in season for 2 weeks out of the entire year.  He made the journey to France to taste the sweet liquers and wines that were over 500 years old.  However, the rich man left each country still thirsty and yearning for something more.

     Many years past and even after spending the bulk of his great fortune, the man still did not find that elusive drink.  After a disappointing outing trying the latest in blended teas, the man took a leisurely walk in the woods.  He veered off the beaten path and stumbled into a clearing.  The rich man then saw an old man dressed in rags sitting next to an old well.  The old man beckoned the rich man over to sit with him, and the rich man obliged.  They engaged in a small conversation in which the rich man revealed the quest that has been haunting for all these years.

     The old man smiled and offered the rich man a drink from the well.  The old man told the rich man that if it is a drink that always satisfies, then the water from this well is what the rich man has been searching for all these years.  The rich man looked at the old man with bemusement and asked him what was so special about the water from this well.  The old man smiled and replied that all the other drinks that the rich man tried inevitably left him thirsty again, but this well has living water.  The old man continued on and said that if the rich man drank this living water, he would never thirst again.

     Living water?  The rich man was incredulous and was about to scoff at this seemingly ridiculous notion.  However, something inside the rich man compelled him to not mock the old man, but to ask for a drink from the water from this well.  The rich man had tried just about everything else, so he thought that there was no harm in giving the water in the old well a shot.  The rich man pulled out his wallet and asked how much would it cost for a drink from the well, but the old man made the rich man put his wallet away.  The old man stated simply that the water is free and that the rich man can drink as much as he wanted.

     Confused, the rich man asked the old man why he is letting him drink the water for free if it truly is living water like the old man claimed.  If this were really living water, then wouldn’t it be expensive, priceless even?  The old man smiled and agreed that the water from this well is priceless but he is offering the rich man to drink for free since the rich man has been so diligent in searching for the most satisfying drink.

     The rich man thanked the old man and drew some water from the well.  He took a cautious sip, but was amazed at how refreshing the water was to his palate.  He drank his entire cup and sat back down with great satisfaction.  Truly, the rich man mused, this was the drink he has been searching for his entire life.

     Jesus Christ our Savior offers everyone a chance to drink the water that He offers, a living water that springs into everlasting life.  As our Savior, Jesus offers a chance to live a life renewed by Him, giving us spiritual strength to live a life full of holiness and joy.  There is nothing in the world that can ever hope to match what Jesus offers.  We can drink this water if we decide to ask Jesus into our lives as our Savior and Lord.  Will you drink the water Jesus offers?


  • Recommended reading: John 4:4-42

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