The Engagement Ring

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Engagement ring
Joe and Jane walk into the local jewelry store looking for an engagement ring. They excitedly tell the jeweler that they plan to get married. The jeweler smiles at them and offers to show them his selection of engagement rings. There were many different rings of various sizes and colors, all very beautiful. Joe asked Jane which ring she liked the best, but she couldn’t decide. “They’re all so exquisite!” she exclaimed.

      The jeweler smiles at the couple and offers to show Joe and Jane a very special ring. The jeweler goes to a safe, unlocks it, and takes out an intricately carved wooden box. He opens the box and shows Joe and Jane the ring. Jane gasps in delight and even Joe is taken back by the loveliness of the ring. Joe cries out, “We’ll take it!”

      However, the jeweler snaps the box shuts and tells them that the ring is not for sale. Jane pleads with Joe that she wants the ring. Joe then asks the jeweler if he could please buy the ring. Joe takes out a wad of cash and flashes his platinum credit card, telling the jeweler that money is no object!

     However, the jeweler steadfastly refuses. He tells the couple again that the ring is not for sale, but he would like to give them the ring for free. Joe and Jane are shocked. “You can’t be serious!?” Jane exclaims.

Joe tells the jeweler that they can’t take the ring for free. He asks the jeweler to name his price, but the jeweler would not. Joe then offers $10,000 to the jeweler, but the jeweler still refuses. Jane pleads with the jeweler to at least take a tip, but the jeweler again refuses. He simply tells them that the ring is priceless, and that they could never afford to buy this ring on their own. Yet, the jeweler still offers the ring to the couple as a gift.

      Joe carelessly drops a $1000 to the ground and pretends to look the other way. The jeweler stoops down to pick up the money and gives it back to Joe. The jeweler tells Joe that Joe is insulting him. The jeweler tells Joe emphatically that no matter what Joe tries, the jeweler will not take his money.

      Jane exclaims, “I know what I can do!” She then takes off her shawl and stoops down in front of the jeweler. The jeweler looks puzzled and asks Jane what she is trying to do. “Let me at least shine your shoes!” offers Jane.

     The jeweler sighs and helps Jane back up. He tells them they do not have enough money to be able to afford the ring and that there is nothing that they can do to earn it. The ring is invaluable and priceless. However, once again, the jeweler offers Joe and Jane the ring for free. He tells them that if they want to do something for him, then they should live their life in such a way that they will be worthy of the ring.

      Joe and Jane look at each other then they look at the jeweler. Gratefully they take the ring from the jeweler and thank him. They walk out of the store with the jeweler waving behind them.

      Our Savior Jesus Christ died on the cross in order to pay for all our sins. In doing, so Jesus gave us the gift of salvation (John 3:16). In order to receive this precious gift, all we must do is to accept it. Oftentimes, people mistakenly believe that they can obtain salvation through their own works of obedience. However, you can only be saved by accepting Jesus as your Savior. Like the priceless ring in the story, Jesus openly offers us a gift that we can never repay on our own. It is up to us to ask for, believe in, and accept the great gift of God, our Lord Jesus Christ!


  • Recommended reading: 1 Peter 1:17-24

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