The Filipinos crucified on Good Friday to ask for ‘divine intervention’

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(CNN)Some devout Catholics in the deeply religious Southeast Asian nation of the Philippines will show their faith this Easter weekend with what can be deeply unsettling displays, including crucifixions and self-flagellation.

Dozens of penitents, imitating the suffering of Christ, have real nails hammered into their palms and feet, while others drag heavy crosses or crawl on bloodied hands and knees in cities and towns across the country on Good Friday.

Others, dressed as Roman centurions, aid the voluntary crucifixions, which last a few minutes before the faithful are taken down.

Penitents engage in the extreme acts to ask for luck or divine intervention, or in gratitude for previously “miraculous” help.

The tradition, which takes place every year, attracts thousands of onlookers and tourists in the fervently Catholic nation. It takes place predominantly in the Central Luzon province of Pampanga, but festivals in towns like Cutud in Barangay San Pedro, near Manila draw crowds to watch the gory displays.

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