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The guy that thought God made a mistake

The guy that thought God made a mistake

The guy that thought God made a mistakeI love this story and i hope it will touch you,

There was once this guy who was a very staunch Christian and believed in God totally. Every action He took He prayed asking God for guidance. Every moment of His life was led by prayer and patience.

So when he wanted to marry as usual he started praying. “God i need a good lady to be my wife. She must be from church so that i do not marry someone that will make me goo astray. Give me one with a pure heart, humble spirit, moral, that loves you, one we can sing praises together’ bla bla bla..and the list went on and on.

After years of waiting for his match he seemed not to be getting the right person. So during a camp meeting at the church he told god this, “God i know you can hear me, am tired waiting. I need to marry adn start a family and raise kids in your name. I know among all this aldies at the camp meeting you have one that can be a good wife-my wife. Tomorrow at lunch time, exactly at 1pm God i will come out of the church and the lady that shall be seated on this stone shall be your choice for me, i will marry her”.

So the following day at lunch time He went out still whispering to God that He wanted to see a miracle. And true to the word of God, there was a lady seated on the stone. SO the guy obviously happy started running towards her only to realize she was a cripple.

He immediately froze and started at God…”you know God maybe you have made a mistake. Maybe she sits on the stone cos she is tired and my real wife let her sit. Maybe my real wife is the one standing close to her. God i think it was a mistkae”

So he decided to marry another lady. To cut the story short, ten years later, the guy is struggling to raise a family the way he wanted. His wife ceased being a believer. He lost his job.

He got called for an interview and the boss was a familiar face. He recognized her as the cripple on the stone. So he reminded her and she answered….’i felt something special that day during the sermon. I met someone special”.

Friends we pray to God, maybe for an office job, we get in the field, maybe for an A grade we get a B, maybe for a girl we get a boy. How many times do we forget to thank God for the simple things in life? How many times do we assume God has made a mistake when He has indeed blessed us?

God has a great future for us, it may start from simplistic and humble begginings, it may mean we have to stoop low and humble ourselves before others, but how many times do we let God work in us for the good of His name?

Prayer for us:

Jesus i know not your plans for my life. I know you have great plans for my future. To prosper me in Honor of you name. God I pray, forgive my unrighteousness, give me a humble heart, a clean spirit and a grateful heart. Let your blessings flow through me to touch others around me. In Jesus name.


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