The Lord’s Sabbath

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At the end of creation, Christ rested with man on the Sabbath in Eden, and after redemption, Christ rested with man on the Sabbath on Calvary.

For the new testament church, Sabbath is a memorial of creation and redemption, which means, the new testament church has two great reasons to rejoice on the Sabbath day; it is the day to remember our Creator and Redeemer.

This is the reason why God has not given the true Christians any other day to celebrate, because no other day can be greater than the memorial day of Creation and the memorial day of redemption, which is the Sabbath day.

The Sabbath is the sign of our allegiance to God now as we live on earth, and it would continue to be the sign of our obedience to God for eternity in the new heaven and the new earth that is to come.

There could not have been any greater gift that God could have given to man than the Sabbath day, which is, giving His precious time, 24 hours dedicated wholly to us. There can’t be any greater gift that you could give to God, than your time. Spend the holy hours of Sabbath with the Lord God of heaven & earth. Oh! What a privilege! What an immeasurable Joy! David Brown

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