The Sign

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The ten Commandments
A man working in an office building was in a hurry to get to a business meeting.  He decided he didn’t want to wait for the elevator and went to take the stairs down to the meeting instead.  As he approached the door to the stairwell, he saw a sign that read “DO NOT ENTER.  STAIRS ARE BROKEN – UNDER REPAIR.”  The man stopped for a moment, but decided to take the stairs anyways.  “What’s a few broken steps?” he said to himself.

     However, before he opened the door, a security guard stopped him.  “Sir, can’t you read the sign?” asked the security guard.  “You can’t go that way.  You need to go back and take the elevator.”

     Annoyed, the man replied, “I can take care of myself.  Besides, I am running late for a business meeting and this is the fastest way there.  I will be okay.”  The man tried again for the door.

     The security guard wouldn’t move, though.  “Sir, let me explain.  The lights are out in the stairwell and many of the steps have been broken.  The stairs have not been repaired yet.  This warning sign is here for a reason.  You might get hurt.  I can’t let you go through here.”

     The man then got really angry.  “I told you, I am running very late and you are in my way.  I don’t care what the sign says, I’m going this way whether you like it or not!”  With that, the man roughly shoves the security guard away and opened the door and bolted into the stairwell.  Unfortunately for him, the lights were out in the stairwell like the security guard told him.  The man couldn’t see where he was going, and lost his footing as he stepped on a broken rung.  He then fell and tumbled down the stairs and crashed into a wall.  Groaning, the man realized he may have broken his ankle.  Now he was going to be really late to that meeting. 

     God gave us the Ten Commandments for our own good.  The Ten Commandments wasn’t made merely to restrict us, but to protect us from harm.  The Ten Commandments give us a solid foundation on which to build a good Christian lifestyle.  If we ask for Jesus for strength to help us follow the Ten Commandments, we will be less likely to stumble and hurt ourselves badly.


  • Recommended reading: Exodus 20:1-26, James 1:22-25

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