The story of James Roebuck

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I am an Adventist and I love connecting with fellow Adventists on social media. I was not born an Adventist and believe you me, I have had my fair share of the tough side of life but there are things I just never imagine…i guess we never really see beyond our imagination.

The other day i sent a friend request to a stranger on social media, Facebook. To me, and I guess to so many other social media users, we reduce people to just numbers, a list. Your friends list. And so, whether you know the person or not, the more mutual persons on your list, the more you imagine you have more to relate with that person.

And in many cases, this has always been true. See, if most of your friends are Adventists, chances are high that many of the friend requests you will receive or send will be to Adventists. That’s how Facebook’s algorithm works in helping you ‘connect with people you may know’.

Roebuck and I happen to have 53 mutual friends, he is an Adventist so are the 53 friends we share. Whether they are ‘Adventist’ by name or faith is a question only God can answer. But the assumption is the more people you have, the much more in common you share.

And when Roebuck and I started  chatting, it struck me how lucky I am. How lucky most of us are. That with all the time we have, all the resources we have at our disposal, yet we all in some manner think we do not have enough to give back to God by way of sharing His word.

See, while I sit back thinking how ‘hard’ it is that every minute I am on social media I should be sharing the word of God, Roebuck is spending literally every minute of his life to share the word of God. And while I sit back thinking how expensive it is to keep putting into the church ‘evangelism’ department, Roebuck has been reaching thousands of people spread across the globe for free.

Who is this amazing servant of God? What can we learn from him? Where is he? Here are excerpts from Roebuck himself on our chats on Facebook.

“Ahsante sana for being a friend in Jesus hope life is treating well there Kenya I am from Washington state in the USA and I Minister here on Facebook using amazing facts Ministries videos in website and other related materials to share to all my friends spreading the truth of the gospel and the true Sabbath around the world in over 50 countries 30 of those countries are in Africa and God willing I will be coming there to visit those friends and to be doing missionary work.

Anything that is revelant inspirational encouraging or from the gospel related I have shared to my group to keep everybody educated encouraged inspired and I also have daily devotions that I share by Ellen G white from some of her books

I’m not scared because I have God

I was raised Seventh Day Adventist and sent to private schools for all 12 years then at 21 I went out into the world and started the life of drugs, sex and rock and roll.

“Went through allot of ups and downs had a relationship for over 18 years and she left me just before her oldest son died from throat cancer at 43, lost my house, my dignity, went through allot of hurt, depression and feeling lost while still using and drinking then God pulled me out of my hell and took the desire of drinking and using away in one night and started back to church

“the same week he put me on a new path with a better future ahead of me, I have been clean and sober for over 3 and a half years now. But through all of this time I ended up losing everything I have, the devil put every hurdle he could in my way and losing everything hoping I would turn my back on God and blame him for it all, I only grew stronger with my relationship with God, when I was evicted from my apartment a $1,000 of my stuff was stolen from the parking lot and I had to sell the rest, staying in different places, first a friend of my mom’s for 3 weeks, a motel where I was for six months where

“God first led me to facebook where I could reach out and touch the world with the videos and website and other related videos and materials that I have come across and used to share to all my friends around the world in countries in Africa, Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan, Jamaica, Brazil, India, Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar and many more other countries, I use my google translator to be able to communicate to my friends that can’t speak English, then I was kicked out of the motel because couldn’t afford it anymore from lack of work so I posted on Facebook my situation and an old school friend responded from Port Orchard and let me stay there for 3 weeks she is bipolar and OCD so one day she just wigged out and kicked me out in the rain with one bag and the clothes I was wearing, I ended up on the streets in Bremerton Washington at the men’s shelter for 8 months and now sleeping on the streets, while doing this I’ve reached out in over 50 countries with Amazing Facts Ministries and most all my friends in these countries are Seventh Day Adventist,

“I send these videos and website to their timeline where they can watch them and strengthen their knowledge in the gospel and share with their family and friends, most of these countries don’t have access to these videos so I focus on doing the Lords work 16 hrs. a day 7 days a week, while being here on the streets I’ve had my stuff stolen a couple of times all my clothes, my bedding down to just the clothes I was wearing, the devil took it away but God was still looking out for me and help me find a way to replace my bedding and get more clothes each time I was in a dilemma God always came through providing for my needs, so until I get off the streets he takes care of me while using these trials that the devil has been putting me through testing my faith re shaping my character and strengthen my trust and faith in God, teach me patience and long-suffering getting me ready for the next part of this journey of what He has planned for me and up to this point

“I’ve been here on the streets now for 14 months and homeless 2 years, when I get out of here and off to Africa I will be sharing my story that I’ve been writing since I started this journey over 2 years ago and my testimony showing God’s glory in everything he did providing for me taking care of me through these trials making me the man that he needs me to be to do his work for what he has in store for me next.

“Is it just the highlighted testimony of what I’ve been going through a very small part of it I’ve been writing my story since it started and I will be sharing it in full once I get off the streets and get to Africa and sharing my testimony to the world sharing my story to show God’s glory

With all the time you have and the resources you have. Surely, it is not too hard nor too expensive for you to spread the 3 Angels Message. God bless you.

James Roebuck on Facebook.

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