These Kids Will Lift Your Spirits With This Rendition Of “You Raise Me Up”

1 min

This crowd was in for an extraordinary treat when this young boy and girl took the stage to sing “You Raise Me Up.” Jeffrey Li is only 10-years-old and Celine Tam only 7, but they sang with such precision that everyone in the audience was blown away by their talent. From the first notes, it is evident these two young people would deliver a beautiful performance. Not only is their English impeccable, so are the notes they hit.

This song was originally written by the dui Secret Garden. More than one hundred other artists have sung it since, among the most notable Josh Groban when he made the song popular in the United States. It has become a favorite song by many and these young people prove again why the song is so popular. With their talent, they have a bright future ahead of them.


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