This Girl Has Inspired The Whole World, Find Out Why

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An orphaned girl that had both legs amputated realized her dream and began university at Shangqiu College, a university in Henan Province this semester. The story went viral after it was reported by local Henan station HNTV.


The 19-year-old girl, Wang Juan, lost her legs in a car crash when she was only six years old. Tragically, she also lost both parents, as Wang’s mother ended her own life, and her father left shortly after.


Nevertheless, Wang did not give up. Despite the struggle, she pinned hopes on going to university. “My grandfather told me that if you give in to trouble, your life ends there,” Wang Juan said to HNTV.

On the orientation day, Wang arrived at the university on a scholarship to officially start her new life.

2 3“You are the paragon of all students and teachers here because you are admired by us for struggling through life and study,” a person in charge of the university affairs encouraged and told to Wang Juan.


Since photos of Wang Juan entering the university went viral, netizens have sparked up discussions on social media.

“A strong girl. Keep fighting!” posted @Luoluonier.

“I have got hundreds of thousands of reasons to work hard,” said @LiuqianVV426

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