This Man Passed Away Yesterday, A Week After Baptism In Hospital Therapy Tab

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The love of God surpasses all human understanding and when Christ has claimed your own not even the devil can dare lay a hand on you. This is the testimony of a man who battled it out with cancer and at the eleventh hour, dedicated his life to God.

The man whom doctors had told he had a few weeks to live, chose to live those few weeks with the Lord and requested baptism from his local church.

Because he was sick, a bath tub was used to have him die in the flesh and resurrect in the body of Christ in baptism.

It is indeed sad news that he passed on yesterday 21st September 2015, but we shall continue praising the Lord with angels for his decision to submit his life to God.

What about you friend? Have you given your life to Christ? Life is scary, full of dangers and surprises all around. The devil is out there roaring seeking if he will devour you. This is the time. This is the moment that you need dedicate your life to Christ.

The world is no more. Recent events have showed us this. We are fast approaching the end of times. We can wait no more. If you have not given your life to Christ, decide today to dedicate your life to Christ. If you need help, please contact us here.

Have you dedicated your life to Christ? Then hold on strongly to that faith that you profess. May God bless you mightily.

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