This Video Will Make you Rethink What It Means Being Human

1 min

A Video that has since gone viral was shot in New York City on a social experiment involving a young child.

The video started with the child standing in the cold freezing by a street as people keep on walking by. The boy who is wearing a tattered shirt is visibly shaking in the cold and no one, not body seems to care.

The boy, tired from standing decides to lay down on the street with a polythene bag his covering from the cold. This makes more people slow their pace as they pass by the boy, look at him and move on.

For TWO hours, no one cared. Not even a single person. Parents walking with their kids pull them away from the boy like he had some poverty virus they could get infected.

After two hours, a homeless man who was sitting by the side walk approaches the boy. The greets the boy respectfully and gives him his own coat.

The man was visibly very cold as well….but he gave the boy his coat.  He then gave the boy something else, a hug. He hugged the boy.

If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of doing something for somebody, you’ll end up doing nothing for nobody.

It is not how much we give, it is how much love we put into giving.

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