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Thousands Of Dead bees washing up on Florida Beach

Thousands Of Dead bees washing up on Florida Beach

Thousands of dead bees are washing up on a popular Naples beach.

Some visitors to Lowdermilk Park Beach said they’re staying away after being stung while walking the shoreline. Many people said the bee problem has popped up during the past few days.

“You don’t realize what you’re really stepping on,” said Martha Duff.

“We try to watch out for them because we know they’re there,” said Felice Petty.

Most residents like Petty and Duff expect to see seaweed or seashells wash up in the waves, but recently, dead or dying bees have been rolling in.

“It’s just really between the water and the sand. I’ve been stung a couple of times, and at first, I didn’t know what it was, and then I realized, and then I had an allergic reaction,” said Duff.

Duff said the painful bee sting in her foot is making her more conscious of where her daughter plays.

“It really was kind of worrying, especially that I have a baby. I worry about her running up and down the beach.”

┬áSeasonal resident Felice Petty isn’t planning to go near the water’s edge after her husband was stung in the foot.

“All of the sudden he went, ‘Ow!’ I had to pull the stinger out. My concern is getting stung because I am allergic.”

The city of Naples said crews from the facilities maintenance department were out Monday checking into the problem. The same staff will be out Tuesday investigating further to hopefully get to the bottom of visitors’ questions.

“Why are there bees? Where are they coming from? And why are they in a very specific area of the beach?” asked Duff.

Bee experts tell NBC2 it is uncommon behavior for bees to wash up on the beach. They said it could be from nearby pesticide spraying, forcing them to the water, or it could be a swarm that flew over the beach that became exhausted and flew into the water.