Three Homosexual Men Living Together Recognised As ‘Married Throuple’

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Tucked away in a quiet corner of a community in Medellín, Colombia, is a regular, three-story house that looks almost identical to its neighbors. Over the past few weeks, it’s become famous as the home of the “trio” or the “three gay husbands” as locals now call Colombia’s first legally recognized polyamorous couple.

“Are you here to chat to the trio?” a resident asks. “We’ve seen a lot of foreigners over the past few weeks,” a middle-aged woman adds. She says she’s happy the three men are able to be themselves but doesn’t support polyamorous relationships, explaining, “I believe marriage is something between a man and a woman.”

Manuel Bermudez, Alejandro Rodriguez and Victor Hugo Prada won a legal battle to formalize their “special patrimonial union” in June.

“Welcome to our little home!” Prada, 23, says as he opens the door. The walls are full of mainly gay-themed art. The most striking is a modern, sexed-up version of a muscle-bound St. Sebastian.

“We’re very artistic people,” Prada, an aspiring actor, explains. He guides the reporter upstairs where a king-size bed dominates another open-plan space. “All three of us sleep here, perfectly, with no problems,” he says. “It’s can be cold at night in Medellin so we sleep huddled together. It’s really nice!”

For Bermudez, Rodriguez and Prada, there’s nothing unusual about their domestic arrangement. “We spend a lot of time together, but we also lead independent lives outside of the home,” Prada explains. “We don’t have specific roles or rules. Whoever gets up last makes the bed. Alejandro and I like to cook, and Manuel takes care of other things.”

Since their union was made public, Bermudez, Prada and Rodriguez have been at the center of an intense national debate about polyamorous relationships. “It’s been really crazy. The whole world seems interested in us, and it can be very intrusive,” Rodriguez, a dancer and sports instructor, says.

Many people are curious about how they live and how a “throuple” works. “I tell them we’re just normal professionals. We lead a quiet life in Medellín. This relationship is real and not for show. We’ve been together for a long time, and it works well,” Rodriguez said. Read more 

Need more proof that we are just as the days of Noah? When homosexual marriages ruled and people were lost out to their sinful nature that the thought of an impending judgment was so unreal?

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