Three “Men” Born Female Have Sex Changes and May Get Free IVF to Become “Mothers”

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British taxpayers could soon begin paying for in vitro fertilization for transgender people who were born female and had a male sex change, according to The Daily Mail.

A highly controversial new issue, the possibility of transgender male pregnancy could become reality very soon in England. Dr. James Barrett, a West London doctor who performs sex changes, said three of his female-to-male transition patients had their eggs frozen and want to become pregnant.

Barrett said dozens of his transgender patients have frozen their eggs and sperm so that they could become parents in the future. He said cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy often freeze their eggs and sperm, too.

“As a matter of principle, anybody who loses their fertility as a result of standard [British National Health System] treatment should be able to preserve their fertility,” he said.

There are many concerns surrounding the new procedure, including that it could take away tax dollars from more critically-needed medical procedures. Source

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