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Tonya Laufenberg – Baraboo SDA Church – I Feel Like A Whole New Person

Tonya Laufenberg – Baraboo SDA Church – I Feel Like A Whole New Person

About two years ago, I met a wonderful young man who reignited my passion and interest in Christ. I was brought up Catholic, went to Catholic school, attended church multiple times a week, went to religious classes after school and was eventually confirmed in the Catholic church. However, the older I got, the more questions I had and many of the answers I got did not satisfy me.

I stopped going to church almost completely after my confirmation. I still had interest and wanted to learn more about Jesus and the scripture so when I met my boyfriend two years ago, all I did was ask questions. That is when I started attending the Baraboo SDA church. At first, it was a lot to take in. The lifestyle is quite different from what I was used to but it got much easier the closer I felt to God. I started praying more than I had in years and I was beginning to feel at peace with myself.

Not every aspect of my life was so easy to change however. I managed a restaurant and it was extremely hard to get Sabbath off. The company I worked for was trying to demote me because of the scheduling conflicts. But God seemed to have other plans for me. Shortly after this, I was blessed to find a new job that made it possible to have Sabbath off. Many other wonderful things have happened over the past few years and I am sure that my love for God has made all of these things possible. I began studying for my baptism with my boyfriend Nathan and Pastor Christian Ronalds. I also studied with Nathan’s parents Debbie and Bruce Yngsdal. Everyone at the Baraboo SDA church was very supportive of my decision and were very welcoming.

In late 2010, my father, who has had Parkinson’s disease for 12 years, decided to undergo Deep Brain Stimulation to help with his disease. As he as going through the process of getting ready for everything, the two of us started talking more and more about our beliefs. His surgery went off without a hitch and he is doing better than anyone could have imagined. He has since attended church with me a few times, including the day I was baptized.

On the day I was baptized I felt like a whole new person. Since that day, I have been spending more time with the Lord in my everyday life. I am convinced that the decision I made to get baptized was exactly what I needed in my life and I could not be happier. I thank God everyday for all of the wonderful people in my life who have helped me through everything and have supported me through this amazing transition into my new life in Christ.