“Transgender” Principal Wears a Dress on ELEMENTARY Campus. Parents Aren’t Happy…

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At the beginning of this month, an elementary school in Massachusetts sent a letter to parents. The scribing explained their principal would be publicly transitioning to a female (see Elementary Principal Demands His Students Make Changes as He Transitions). A couple weeks later, parents are offering their unabridged reactions.

These parents of these 1st through 4th graders are gravely concerned about their school, and their children’s impressionable brain noodles.

“I didn’t know what to say yet,” one father told the Globe, admitting he took his children to school 15 minutes early to avoid the principal. “I didn’t have my story straight because I had a matter of hours. Is he going to be wearing a dress? Do I have to deal with this? Can you give me a little bit of time?”

“I’m worried that it’s a little bit of a distraction for them, and it’s taking away from the authority of the position of Principal Daniels,” (said one mother).

“This was a little mature for my taste, for what I want presented to my second-grader,” said (another) mother. She worried whether she’d gotten her own hurried explanation to her children right. If she’d said something wrong, would the teachers deem her “hateful”?

The name “Principal Daniels” is new. The students used to call him “Mr.” One girl was so anxious about getting the name wrong that she’d been sent home sick, her mother told the crowd.

The 52-year-old father of three has cross-dressed since he was a child. Ever since he “bravely” stopped drinking, he’s been dressing more like a woman. Because it’s all about his shaved-legged, long-skirted self.

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