Transgender wins battle to force ferry o remove words ‘ladies’ and ‘gentlemen’ from its toilets

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A transgender woman (biologically a man) has won a discrimination case forcing a ferry company to remove the words ‘ladies’ and ‘gentlemen’ from its toilets.

Condor Ferries has become the first firm to change the gender specific signs on the doors after Erin Bisson proved he was ‘humiliated’ at being told to use the disabled toilets.

Bisson, formerly known as Robert until he identified himself as a woman, complained to the Jersey Employment and Discrimination Tribunal that he had been discriminated against after the operator banned him from using the ‘ladies’.

He argued the use of words rather than symbols on toilets amounted to indirect discrimination.

Condor later admitted to the tribunal that there had been a ‘non-intentional and non-malicious act of discrimination’.

The company is now replacing the ‘offending’ words on its toilet doors and will use gender symbols instead.

The actions were approved by Bisson and the tribunal panel as a satisfactory resolution to the complaint.

Condor, which sails between Poole, Portsmouth, France and the Channel Islands, now has until June 30 to implement the changes.

Bisson, 40, a taxi driver from Jersey, said he was humiliated after being told by a staff member over the phone last September that he must use disabled facilities.

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