Treating Ear Infection Naturally With Garlic

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Ear infection is a possible-to-occur condition in both children and adults but children are easier to be affected. This condition is caused by virus or bacteria in the middle ears, or other contributing factors like wax buildup, environmental allergies, food allergies, upper respiratory infections, internal injuries, genetics, fetal alcohol syndrome, and nutritional deficiency. Ear infection is often presented through tugging at the ear, some pain in the ear, fluid draining from the ears, headaches, high fever, diarrhea, vomiting, difficulty sleeping, and poor response to sounds.

Among various treatments for this condition, people often choose garlic for ear infection instead of antibiotics because of its natural health benefits, which makes it popularly used for a long time. With antiviral, anti-oxidizing, and antibacterial properties, garlic helps treat the infectious action on the ear as well as reduce the ear pain and swelling. Besides, its allicin and anti-microbial property, garlic acts against the pain and infection in the inner ear.

Garlic Only

As mentioned above, people often use garlic for ear infection because of its natural essential properties. In fact, it has powerful aromatic compounds with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that are very helpful for treating this terrible condition. In fact, it is not difficult to use this herb for ear infection and using only garlic is known as the simplest way to deal with this condition:

Peel some fresh garlic cloves, crush, and wrap them in a small cloth

Place the crushed garlic in your ear then keep it for about 30 minutes

Move the cloth so as to relieve the ears from pain.

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Garlic Juice For Ear Infection

Extracting the juice of garlic  is another way to use garlic for ear infection. This is also a very simple method to apply with the only ingredient, garlic indeed.

Peel some garlic cloves and mash them well

Place them on a cloth and dab it on the infected ear.

Garlic And Salt

When mentioning to infection treatment, salt may be highly recommended because of its antibacterial and antiviral properties. Not only can salt be individually used but it is also combined with garlic for ear infection treatment as follows:

Boil 3 to 5 garlic cloves for 5 to 7 minutes then remove them from the heat

Crush these garlic cloves with salt

Place the crushed mixture in a cloth then place it against infected area for a few minutes

Continuously repeat the process.

Note: to get the best relief from ear infection, you should use course sea salt that is known as a great product to treat ear pain as well as ear infection. It is because salt retains heat and makes a shift in pressure thereby relieving the inner ear from pressure caused by fluid accumulation when placed against the infected area.

Warm Garlic Oil For Ear Infection Treatment

Warm garlic oil is another form of using garlic for ear infection as well. The process is also easy as follows:

Stir a bowl of garlic oil with a bowl of hot water and heat the solution for a few minutes

Pull the ear back and up while dropping few drops in the affected ear

Keep your ears for 5 to 10 minutes then cover them with small cotton balls.

Apply this method daily.

Garlic Oil Capsules

If you find it difficult to prepare garlic oil, you can use garlic oil capsules as another form of garlic for ear infection to treat this terrible condition indeed.

Puncture a garlic oil capsule and pour its contents into the affected ears (remember to tilting your head to prevent water from coming out

Cover your ear with a cotton ball and leave for 10 to15 minutes

Repeat the method daily.

Garlic And Mustard Oil

This method is another way to use garlic for ear infection in combination with mustard oil as follows:

Heat 2 to 4 garlic cloves in a teaspoon of sesame oil or mustard oil for a few minutes

Apply the oil around or in the infected ear.

Repeat this method daily.



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