Home End times headlines Turkey forces are in Syria to ‘end Assad rule’, Erdogan

Turkey forces are in Syria to ‘end Assad rule’, Erdogan

Turkey forces are in Syria to ‘end Assad rule’, Erdogan
Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that the Turkish Army has entered Syria to end the rule of Syrian President Bashar Assad, whom he accused of terrorism and causing the deaths of thousands of Syrians.

“We entered [Syria] to end the rule of the tyrant al-Assad who terrorizes with state terror. [We didn’t enter] for any other reason,” the Turkish president said at the first Inter-Parliamentary Jerusalem Platform Symposium in Istanbul, as quoted by Hurriyet daily.

Erdogan said that Turkey has no territorial claims in Syria, but instead wants to hand over power to the Syrian population, adding that Ankara is seeking to restore “justice.”

“Why did we enter? We do not have an eye on Syrian soil. The issue is to provide lands to their real owners. That is to say we are there for the establishment of justice,” he said.

He went on to say that “in his estimation” almost 1 million people have died in the conflict in Syria, although no monitoring group has provided any similar figures. The latest UN estimate stands at 400,000 people killed in the five-year civil war.

Erdogan said that Turkey could not “endure” the unending killing of civilians and “had to enter Syria together with the Free Syrian Army.”

The Turkish leader also accused the UN of inability to influence the situation in Syria and said that the organization is ineffective in its current state.

“The world is bigger than five,” he said, referring to the number of permanent members on the UN Security Council, as reported by Hurriyet.  Source

Always remember, they want war. Don’t assume some people are so good to care about some civilians thousands of miles away. The whole point of a world government will be brought about under the fear of something worse. No country will give up what they have today unless you scare them of extinction of they don’t.

Trump has already reduced the moment that we had reached. After winning, he has already spoken to Russia and the threat of a war is far gone. But these guys really want a war. So what do they do?

Get Turkey, for whatever reasons like these above, to attack a Sovereign Nation. Watch closely friend. Turkey is officially at war with Syria inside Syria. Russia is in Syria as well.

Of course the US is also involved in Syria by funding and arming the rebels. The same rebels that Turkey will now be defending.