Twins who share everything including boyfriend want to have matching breasts

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A pair of identical twins who are obsessed with having exactly the same body have revealed their agony at being told that they can’t have a boob job to give them matching breasts.

Anna and Lucy DeCinque, 30, from Perth, Western Australia, share everything, including a bed and their boyfriend, and even eat exactly the same amounts of the same food to ensure their weight is an exact match.

However, they’ve faced disappointment after being told that if they undergo an operation to achieve identical pairs of breasts, they’re likely to end up with mismatched pairs – and that they’re actually not identical.

The pair, who often say the same thing at the same time, have already spent nearly £130,000 on cosmetic enhancements to look more alike.

They decided to appear on US plastic surgery show ‘Botched’ in a bid to make their breasts identical.

After flying from their home in Perth to Los Angeles, where the show is based, the sisters, who can count lip fillers, breast implants, and fake eyebrows and eyelashes among the surgery they’ve already had, were hopeful of going under the knife again.

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