UK Government Legalizes Medical Cannabis

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The UK government has announced that it will legalize medicinal cannabis nationwide and allow doctors to write prescriptions for patients who need it.  

The announcement comes after the Home Office rubber-stamped an exemption license for severely epileptic Billy Caldwell, who had seven bottle of cannabis confiscated at Heathrow Airport customs on June 11. reports: Last month a 20-day emergency licence was granted for 12-year-old Billy after he was admitted to hospital in a critical condition having suffered multiple seizures.

But a family spokesman said the Home Office, and Chelsea and Westminster Hospital have now agreed he can go home to Northern Ireland with his medicinal cannabis.

He added: “The Department of Health in Northern Ireland are applying for a licence for Billy’s medication to be administered at home in Castlederg.

“In anticipation of that application being processed, the Home Office have rubber-stamped it and he will be going home at some point this week.”

The spokesman said the special exemption licence was agreed on Monday afternoon.

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