UK Schools Ban Girls From Wearing Skirts To ‘Accommodate’ Transgender students

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Girls have been banned from wearing skirts at 40 secondaries across England as schools opt for gender-neutral uniforms

The ban on girls wearing skirts comes one month after an Oxfordshire school recommended that it’s male students wear them to deal with soaring temperatures.

The revelation comes alongside news that a leading private school is bringing in make-up experts to help pupils who feel anxious about their appearance.

RT reports:According to the Sunday Times, schools are opting for gender-neutral uniforms to encompass transgender students, with others consulting on a ban.

Priory School, a secondary in Lewes, East Sussex enforced a ban on skirts and ordered girls to wear trousers instead in an effort to accommodate transgender pupils, after students had asked why girls and boys had to wear different clothes.

Headteacher Tony Smith said in September, “We have a small but increasing number of transgender students and therefore having the same uniform is important for them.”
But feminists have complained that a complete ban on skirts in favour of gender-neutral uniform is not the answer to the growing number of transgender pupils, arguing that children should be offered a choice.
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