US Capital shooter declared himself a prophet of God

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U.S. Capitol police arrested Pastor Larry Dawson after he allegedly pulled a weapon on police. Dawson was shot and wounded and is in stable, but critical, condition in a Washington, D.C., hospital.

The incident was not Dawson’s first brush with Capitol police, however. Last year, Dawson declared himself a “prophet of God” in the House chambers and then “began shouting Bible verses which disrupted the normal flow of Congress.”

Dawson failed to show up to his hearing after the disruption, but he did send a letter:

Dawson wrote: “I am Larry R. Dawson, a Minister and True Prophet of God. I have been called chosen and sent unto You this day. I am not under the Law! Romans 6:14 For sin shall not dominion over you.

For you are Not under the law, but under Grace!!! “It is a serious mistake to press law-observance in the face of repeated revelations that the believer Of this age is not under law as his rule of life. READ MORE

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