Vandals Deface Adventist Church With 666 & Obscenities

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Unknown vandals spray-painted inverted crosses and the numbers “666” on a Seventh-day Adventist church in the U.S. state of Florida in an overnight attack that surprised its pastor.

The symbols and other graffiti, some of it obscene, were scrawled on the concrete sign, fellowship hall, and pump house of the Jupiter Seventh-day Adventist Church near Palm Beach, pastor Richard Moseley said Wednesday.

“I don’t understand why someone would do it,” Moseley said by telephone. “That’s one of the questions I have, ‘Why, why would you do it?’ To the best of my knowledge, we haven’t made anybody angry.”

The church is located in a quiet area with little traffic after hours, he said. Security video footage indicates that the vandalism took place shortly before dawn Tuesday, he said.

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office has opened an investigation, and officers were studying the video footage in hope of identifying the culprits.

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