Vatican is using Islam to prepare for Adventist persecution

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I need you to understand the following facts;

  1. Islam as a religion was created by the catholic church. Mohammed, the Islamic prophet was actually counseled by a Catholic nun.
  2. The remnant Church of God today is the Seventh Day Adventist church. And yes, Catholic has been infiltrating the Church of God to being in pagan traditions and teachings. This infiltration is not done directly by the Vatican but by her daughters. Adventist churches today are plagued with worldly music, worldly dressing, worldly diets and all manners of filth that should not be in the church of God.
  3. The coming persecution, according to Christ would be as none that has ever been before.

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So let us get this straight…

Muslims and especially through ISIS have brought to the world a new conversation on religious intolerance. This means, I am not supposed to say ‘Muslims are terrorists’…when pretty much all terrorists we know today are Muslims.


Since 2006, legislation are being passed behind closed doors to promote religious tolerance. This is where, we are not to condemn or preach against another religion. So while in essence these laws are fronted as a way to promote cohesion between the Muslims and Christian communities, these are the very laws that will be used to persecute the remnant church of God.

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The Vatican has officially taken her position, Muslims are our brothers and sisters. The Pope has gone in so far as releasing videos calling for for the integration of all religions into one. The pope has met Islamic officials, evangelicals, orthodox, Methodists and Buddhists, and in all, the pope claims we are all in our different ways of worship meeting at the same place and praying to the same “GOD”.


This is the same tactic that was brought before Elijah when 850 prophets of baal were brought together against one man of God.

But the Seventh Day Adventist Church stands out as the only church that is preaching the Three Angel’s message, the only Church with a clear cutting message-Get out of her that ye may not be partakers of her sins.

Soon, the Vatican will achieve to unite all these pagan religions and the tiny little Adventist Church will remain in the spotlight calling the pope, the man who brought peace to all religions as the Antichrist. This message will not work well with the Pope and just as Jezebel put Elijah on a death sentence, the laws that are being drafted to protect the ‘majority of peaceful Muslims’ against religious ‘intolerance’ will be applied to the ‘minority Adventist movement’ who are claiming that the world is soon to end.

ALL other religions are conforming to the standards of this world. Just the other day, the Pope called on all priests to accept homosexuals into the church. While not directly endorsing gay marriages, the pope’s message is that these ‘non-traditional’ families should be accepted into the church. He said once that, if a homosexual was really following God, “who am I to judge’?

The Vatican has embraced the call on climate change so have her daughters….well except the tiny little Adventist Church.


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Friends, very soon, websites and blogs that are calling the catholic church babylon will be the target of an online assault against religious intolerance. Folks that insist on thousands of years of traditions like calling homosexuality an abomination, without ‘regard’ to the modern days we live in will be called homophobic. Even today, Christians are facing huge fines for not offering services to gay couples. Remember the US Clerk who would not issue marriage certificates to same sex couples? She spent few days in jail. Remember the US couple who would not prepare a gay themed cake? The courts found them guilty…so much for Church and State separation right?

Make no mistake, the Vatican still remains the same Pagan system that persecuted and killed more than 50 million faithfuls during the dark ages. Not even one of her doctrines has changed. Islam or all these Sunday going churches are not the enemies of the vatican but her daughters. The Adventist Church still remains that one mortal enemy and soon, she will clench her fist to destroy this one speck of light that still remains before her.

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  1. Thank for sharing this life saving jacket,appreciate this good godly mission of warning his sheepskin that are scattered in other folds.i hope n pray that his faithful ones will hear his call to be under his wings of faith,truth n obedience.only by heeding to his voice we can be eternally.AMEN.