VIDEO – The Man who brought the pagan Trinity doctrine into the Adventist Church

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The deceived who try and convince us that Ellen White changed also have agree that God lied to her and His remnant for many decades. No one in their right mind would dare make such a claim! New light CANNOT contradict old light or the old light was a LIE from God. A change from non-Trinitarian to Trinitarian is a total backflip and can NEVER be called progressive truth.

Sadly, Froom eventually managed to convince the Seventh day Adventist Church with these misunderstood quotes that Ellen White had become a Trinitarian. But he had to wait until the death of Ellen White and all the pioneers as he could never have achieved this change while they were still alive.

The deception of Froom was so successful that most believe that the quotes called “EV” or “Evangelism” are from a book written by Ellen White. But it was compiled by Froom in 1946 which was 30 years after the death of Ellen White. Note that the headings, subheadings and bolded texts before the quotes in his book are NOT her words, and some included the word “Trinity” which she never wrote!

These quotes are typically called EV 615-EV 617 or Evangelism 615-617.

Ellen White actually taught that the “Holy Spirit” is the “Spirit of God” coming to us through His Son, and hence she frequently wrote the Holy Spirit is the “SPIRIT OF CHRIST.” For example, “We want the HOLY SPIRIT, which is JESUS CHRIST.” — (E.G. White, Lt66, April 10, 1894)

But many today are so indoctrinated with a Trinitarian mindset, that they mistakenly believe that the quotes Froom compiled and put in one place imply the Holy Spirit is a third being.

But Ellen White was referring to the “SPIRIT OF CHRIST,” not a third being.

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