Ways to Grow Spiritually with Your Spouse

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When it comes to strengthening our marriages and growing together, some types of growth are more clear-cut than others.  When we want to grow in our communication skills, we go for marriage counselling.. But how we grow together spiritually is a little less obvious.

Ultimately, as we aim to know and love Jesus more, our marriage will benefit from the pursuit of Christ, and including one another in our spiritual lives can bring more unity and joy into our home. But other than attending church together, how can we grow spiritually together?

Here are some ways to grow together spiritually that might enrich your marriage. Some of these might just surprise you.

1. Go on a wild adventure together. Take a trip to a new city, or do something out of your comfort zone, like jet skiing or scuba diving. New experiences create new chances for conversation about what you value, along with occasions for reflection on your lives together. Are you both satisfied or hungering for something more? Deviating from the rhythms of regular life helps people articulate what they need more clearly. New adventures open up windows for meaningful connection—practically and spiritually—as you get out of the patterns that you rely on during the week.

2. Join a small group that makes you think. If your church has a small group ministry, choose a group that you can attend together. The weekly—or monthly—chance to talk with others about God, read the Bible together, and chat about spiritual matters can open up important questions and conversations that spill into your home. Michael and I have had many, many conversations about God and our spiritual journeys that were piqued by discussion during a small group. A small group provides a consistent time set aside for spiritual growth, and when you go together you will grow together.

3. Have sex! Marital intimacy is a powerful spiritual bonding agent, and consistent, healthy sex connects you to your spouse in a way that nothing else can. Sex is spiritually powerful because it is meant to point you toward deeper intimacy, not only with your spouse but also with God. Intimacy in the bedroom can help foster spiritual intimacy and vice versa.

4. Have a daily spiritual “check-in” question. This question can be as deep or as broad as you want it to be. A consistent question to help you touch base can build a sense of connectedness with one another’s spiritual journeys. Questions like, “Where do you feel like God is at work in your life?” or “How did you experience God’s grace today?” are great options to open up purposeful, spiritual conversation.

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