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We Are Praying On Sabbaths Under A Tree, Please Pray With Us

We Are Praying On Sabbaths Under A Tree, Please Pray With Us

Today morning I received an email that I resonate with quite well. A brother in Tanzania, East Africa share with me their Sabbath experience and this morning let us all go back with them to God in prayers for a miracle.

According to Jacob, having no roof over their heads every Sabbath, they are forced to congregate under a tree for their Sabbath fellowship. Unfortunately right now their are heavy rains in the area a situation that makes it hard for them to worship.

Aside from that, he says the Devil is busy wrecking havoc in the small church unity in Tanzania something that we continually see across the world.

This morning I wanna make a call to you friend. I don’t know where you will be reading this article from or where you will worship this Sabbath but across the world, our brothers and sisters are making testimonies just by keeping the Sabbath. From prison walls to shifting around under the shade of a tree to be comfortable. Some in closed doors for fears of attacks whisper their prayers to God, while others with all the freedoms they enjoy will not miss a game on the Sabbath.

The whole of this week, if you read this, please do one thing….just share it. share it so that ALL Adventists across the world can pray with us for a miracle. Let us pray for the church’s revival. It does not matter if we worship in a field or in a mansion, what matters is that our worship be in truth and spirit. That our worship be sincere and our relationship with our fellow brothers and sisters be not just on Sabbaths.

Let us also pray for our brother Jacob and the faithfuls in Tanzania. Let us pray for the resources and help for them to put up a roof that will enable them worship in sunshine and in rainfall. Let us pray for their membership and their bond that their strength and faith be a testimony to their neighbors and friends. And let us pray that before Christ comes, they will have a great church full of praise and thanksgiving to God.

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