Westgate footage shows terrorists kill and take turns in prayer

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New footage that has been obtained shows the ruthless nature of the Westgate Mall attack in Nairobi. The terrorists in the footage are seen to appear calm and shooting mercilessly at even young children.

It some point in the footage we see an injured man who is trying to escape and is shot in the back. Another incident shows the a man with a gun matching a woman with very scared and some injured kids-to a place only God knows.

This seems not to end the insult to the element of humanity, morality and the knowledge of God. It beats all logic that the terrorists will actually take turns to start saying prayers in which i would presume they were bragging to Allah for the strength to kill ‘infidels’. It is this sort or religious extremism that should be condemned in the strongest language possible.

Here is the video clip. The footage contains graphic image. Viewer discretion advised.

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