WHAT A TESTIMONY! Dont loose that key! Don’t loose Jesus!

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A Man went to work in a far away country,
He worked for his entire life Without payment
until he got frustrated.

His boss always told him when asked. “I will
give you, your payment when time is right

One day He woke up and he told his boss that
he is tired of working without payment and
wants to go home.

The boss gave him a box with a key inside as
his payment

The man left with disappointment in his heart
knowing all the life time he has worked for just
a box of keys? What will he show to his family
that was the question in his heart.

Reaching on a river side because of frustration
he decide to throw the keys in the river and
continue his journey.

Arriving at home he found his family waiting for
him and a mansion close to where he left his
former house

Surprised he asked whose house it was. His
family told him his boss used to come every
month since he started working to oversee the
building of the house until it was finished but
he never gave them the key because he wanted
it to be a surprise to him.

He remembered the keys he had thrown in the
river and that he couldn’t find them since the
water had submerged them. He couldn’t open
the doors and the windows either as they were
surrounded by burglar bars.

Sometimes we think we have laboured for
nothing when serving God, yet God has given
us Jesus as a key to an everlasting life that we
shall have a rest. He is a master key to unlock
that problem, to fixing that mistake, to fulfilling
that dream. People may say you are a mess
but to God you are a GRACE. His mercies
comes new every morning. What will we gain to
have everything but miss the kingdom of God.

Dont loose that key

Don’t loose Jesus.

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