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Whatsapp Now Has Gay Emojis And NO ONE Can Do A Thing About It

Whatsapp Now Has Gay Emojis And NO ONE Can Do A Thing About It

Popular messaging application Whatsapp in its most recent update now includes gay emojis which features a lesbian couple, a gay couple and a gay ‘family’.

This is yet just another weapon in the Devils amour that is being used to attack the marriage institution gifted to humanity in the garden of Eden with God himself officiating the first marriage.

Whatsapp, which is now owned by Facebook has more than 700million downloads with hundreds of millions using the application daily to talk to friends and join groups.

Facebook has openly promoted LGBT ‘rights’ and when the supreme court in the US ruled in favor of gay marriages, Facebook allowed it’s users to change the background of their profile pictures into a rainbow, a color that is being used to promote homosexuality.


With the recent update, something that seems to favor a very tiny percentage of the human population and overall users of the application, it is clear that having that update has nothing to do with making the application better but promoting the gay agenda.

And worse off is that in countries where gay marriages are prohibited, which in this case would be most African countries, Whatsapp has found a way to promote homosexuality without contravening with those countries laws.

It is quite unfortunate that we have made mobile technology such a vital part of our existence that no one will boycott Whatsapp nor Facebook for the sole reason that the funds these messaging giants make go into promoting homosexuality. In other words, Christians and non Christians all alike are now funding the gay agenda and their is nothing you can do about it.